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ICON:: Drawn by meThis carrd is best viewed on PC

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Valerie/LC18They/Them/It/ItsNonbinary (Intersex)
BPD + hEDS + TS + ASD + Blind
High Support Needs/Selectively Verbal
Mobility Aid User
SDiT Handler/Trainer
Cult SurvivorAspiring to keep survivingArtist + Fursuit MakerVast Error Track ArtistWhile I am plural, I won't talk about it much, so just assume it's Val and don't ask who's fronting unless you're also plural (and we're friends).Try not to involve me in shipping discourse, involving myself in it is highly triggering and isn't good for me. To those who are concerned, I am in intensive mental healthcare for this stuff and more. 💚More boundaries are in my pinned post on both twitter and tumblr.
Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you!
Ty for reading ^w^


Special interests will be starred and at the top of the list (Childhood spins, while died out, are still important to me and will be marked with a heart!)Homestuck + Hiveswap ⭐Art/drawing ⭐💚Vast ErrorCats 💚SplatoonPsychology ⭐️DanganronpaPsychological Horror GamesAnimal Crossing (PARTICULARILY acnh and acnl)Cosplay/Fursuits/FurriesMinecraftAnimationAnimated shows/cartoons/animeInvader ZimNeokosmosMy little pony, mostly FIM 💚Warrior Cats 💚FurbiesAlternative FashionAmong UsUndertaleDeltaruneSanrioFPS gamesFive Nights at Freddy'sPokémonENANGE/Neon Genesis Evangelion

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